Design Gala:  28 February 2014
The WDC Design Gala is a private event that celebrates the merits of design and designers from the WDC designated city and recognizes the contributions made by local design industries and design professionals. The 2014 Design Gala is set amongst GUILD, Africa’s first Contemporary Design Fair. A highlight of the Design Gala is the announcement of the winner of the World Design Impact Prize.

Design Policy Conference:  22 – 23 October 2014
A global idea exchange that brings together practitioners and policymakers to review insights and design practices from around the world, in order to inform the development of design policies as well as showcase the value and role of design in development.

Cities Exhibition: 21 – 28 November 2014
An international showcase of design that has social impact and exhibits the WDC Cape Town 2014 ethos of “Live Design. Transform Life”.

Convocation Ceremony: 28 November 2014
Similar to the WDC Signing Ceremony, the ‘WDC Convocation Ceremony’ is a symbolic event highlighting the official ‘hand-over’ of the WDC title from one city to the next.