Table Mountain Frames



An interesting fact/story about your project.
The project idea was sparked during the inauguration of Table Mountain as a New7Wonder of Nature. One of the international delegates commented that we were lucky, as a City, to have an example of nature’s perfect design in the middle of our city.
When and where does your project take place?
Seven frames that perfectly frame our New7Wonder of Nature, Table Mountain, will be placed in and around Cape Town. Some frames will be placed in sites that are deemed as iconic views of Table Mountain (Blouberg, Signal Hill and Waterfront) and others will frame Table Mountain from sites that are less iconic – yet seen by many more Capetonions (e.g. Langa, Athlone and Rondebosch Common).
How does your project use design?
The simple yellow frame is situated such that it perfectly frames Table Mountain as a backdrop. It’s interactive but unlike most interactive work being done today, it’s analogue and “low tech” but piggy backs on technology like cell phones and cameras and the internet and social media to spread around.
What impact can your project have on people's lives?
Table Mountain, recently voted a New7Wonder of Nature, is the only natural 7 wonder that is in the middle of a city. This is a privilege – but it all too easily becomes part of our everyday life and a backdrop and is no longer noticed – Table Mountain can act as wallpaper. The frames encourage one to stop and notice natures’ perfect design that has been placed in the middle of our city. We are used to seeing iconic images of Table Mountain from the Waterfront and Blouberg, but most Capetonions see the less photographed view of Table Mountain from the Cape Flats. This aspect of Table Mountain is subliminally viewed as less ‘valuable’ and hence less photographed. The Frames remind us that this too is a beautiful aspect of Table Mountain.
Tell us about the team behind your project.
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway wanted to celebrate Table Mountain’s inclusion as a New7Wonder of Nature and commissioned artist/designer, Porky Hefer, to create something that celebrates Table Mountain without detracting from it.


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