Mitchells Plain Hospital



When and where does your project take place?
The hospital is based in Mitchell's Plain in the Cape Flats and opened for public service in 2013.
How does your project use design?
The aim of the project was to construct a hospital providing quality healthcare in a natural healing environment and to raise health awareness through its sustainable design. Green building features incorporated into the design have ensured energy and cost-savings benefits, while community involvement has also been a priority design element.
What impact can your project have on people's lives?
Mitchell's Plain is an area better known for gangsterism and drug addiction than healthcare service delivery and the hospital seeks to have a positve impact in terms of providing superior patient treatment. The various empowerment initiatives set up during the construction of the hospital provided skills-based training and employment opportunities for many local businesses and individuals.
Tell us about the team behind your project.
The Department of Transport and Public Works were responsible for initiating the project and presented the hospital to the Department of Health in 2013 after four years of construction.
An interesting fact/story about your project.
A total of 5622 employment opportunities were achieved, with 42 contractors from Mitchell’s Plain and 28 from Philippi; and an achieved total financial benefit to the target area of R97 303 822.
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8 A Z Berman Drive,
Cape Town,
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
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021 483 5346
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