Design House Exhibition "Transforming Cities"



Showcasing international examples of transformative design in cities across the world, reflecting the positive influence of design.
This exhibition will highlight and showcase international examples of transformative design and present best practices as an indicator of economic and social drivers for cities. Cape Town Design NPC will curate a thought-provoking view of design in cities that reflects the positive influence design has on city development and how it impacts on citizens' lives. The exhibition will also seek to highlight the "Transform Life" element of the over-arching theme of WDC Cape Town 2014: Live Design. Transform Life. For example, rapid urbanisation is a global phenomenon and with many cities addressing this issue in innovative and unexpected ways. The "Transforming Cities" Exhibition will provide insights into the "how" and "what", showcasing a breadth of solutions and innovation through design.

The Exhibition will include examples of design across the following themes:

- Public/Private collaborations and innovations
- Urban planning/urban spaces/renewal
- Sustainable solutions (housing, agriculture, energy, climate change)
- Transport modes and infrastructure
- Community building and social cohesion within burgeoning cities
- Public sector responses to urbanisation

A number of cities around the world have graciously accepted the invitation to come and exhibit and showcase their achievements at the "Transforming Cities" Exhibition. This will be done through installations, film, lectures and conventional exhibits at the Cape Town Stadium from 15 - 19 October 2014.

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