City of Rainbows



Transforming an urban landscape with 25 real rainbows; crystals hanging from lamp posts, rainbow crossings and The Secret Love Project

Life is beautiful. Life is also busy and as we go about our day to day lives, we forget to see beauty in the world around us. Michael Elions City of Rainbows is making that beauty more apparent by creating real rainbows over the streets of Cape Town. Drive under a rainbow as the City greets you for work in the morning and bids you farewell in the evening.  Look up and faceted glass crystals, hanging from all the citys lamp posts, create flashes of rainbow colours in the sky as the sun strikes them. Walk through the city and youll notice that our pedestrian crossings are no longer black and white but are colourful moments in the urban fabric. Everywhere one goes in the city, colour and life and beauty form part of our daily experience of Cape Town. The project aims to enhance the natural beauty of Cape Town by adding some magic and delight to everyday scenes, converting the urban landscape into a place of wonder.

The final component of City of Rainbows is The Secret Love Project that aims to project a bit of love into the city consciousness by having the heart shape visible everywhere one goes in the city - a reminder that the city cares about each of us. Helping us to perceive the unfathomable and unending beauty all around us, Michael Elion will have us spotting rainbows every time we look up and find love in the least likely places. For 2014 and beyond Cape own is The City of Rainbows


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