The Bank: Collaborative Design Innovation which also promotes mentorship, idea exchange and business development.
The Bank is a contemporary design space promoting innovation, collaboration, mentorship, idea exchange and business development. The Bank endeavours to be an independent entity with the capability to form and develop relationships between industry professionals, corporate entities and independent thinkers.

The Bank provides a cross-disciplinary space for the hosting of an array of selected projects and events, exhibitions, seminars and workshops in the physical space of 71 Harrington Street, Cape Town. The Bank connects all its members to a collaborative network of creative professionals that are part of a feedback model where each professional benefits from and mentors the next. As a space for idea and knowledge exchange, The Bank challenges conventional thinking and promotes open sharing that benefit all parties involved. The framework is to provide a range of services that promote relationships as a group rather than simply providing space for individuals. The anticipated range of business skills could include:

Trend analysis | Brand Analysis and Marketing Research | Project Management | Concept Design and Development | Creative Industry Development | System Design | Design Thinking | Product Design | Curation | Scenography| Creative (design) Writing | Spatial Design | Material Research | Colour Research | Graphic Design | 3D Modelling and services in collaboration with FURNSPACE | Services in collaboration with Objekt House | Event Coordination / Management / Curation over and above space rental | Design / Prototyping Facilitation

The Bank has developed local and international linkages with various businesses and creative professionals that have each shown a vested interest in the development and future role of The Bank, which they can be a part of. The team behind The Bank has spent two years researching and finding the gaps in the current market and has positioned The Bank as a fluid entity that forms linkages with other entities.

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