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The Red Bull Doodle Art Global winner has been announced! Congratulations to all of the country finalists and winners.
Red Bull Doodle Art is a global art project where student artists were challenged to use their artistic skills to create their best doodle. According to some “serious-web-sources”, a doodle is an unfocused drawing made while someone’s attention is otherwise occupied. According to the practice, it is what most students do while enduring one of the less interesting lectures. 

The overarching objective of Red Bull Doodle Art, and in particular the Global Gallery that was held during the in Cape Town, is to give wings to student artists. In essence, we are trying to provide these young talented student artists with a platform to both shine and express their artistic prowess. 

We now invite you to the take a trip around the world through our virtual Global Gallery where you can interact with the top 20 doodles from all participating countries.

Through the alignment with WDC, the credibility of this project is only strengthened further, providing these young student artists with a fantastic opportunity to transform their dreams into reality –  at the same time shifting foreign student opinion of Cape Town specifically & South Africa in general. The legacy of the project will live on through the careers of the student artists.
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