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The Oude Molen Tenants Association and the City TRUP are promoting a future development based on local and international best practices
Oude Molen Village was initiated as a micro enterprise village in 1997 by a group of social entrepreneurs to optimise the use of an abandoned hospital, Valkenberg East in Pinelands, by providing employment, youth development and food security.

Over the past 17 years the village has evolved into a diverse community consisting of 42 small enterprises providing 200 full-time employment opportunities. Enterprises range from backpacker accommodation, music studios, equestrian activities, frail care services, metal, wood and craft workshops, public pool and braai facilities, urban agriculture, educational, social and recreational amenities and Non-Profit services to youth and the elderly.

The Oude Molen Tenants Association and City TRUP organisation is promoting a unique future development proposal to maximise the potential of the property as a flagship Live and Work micro enterprise Eco Village based on local and international best practices. The aim is to continue transforming the property as a social enterprise for profits to be used for additional social, economic, environmental and educational development in the region. In addition, to provide 500 fulltime and 1500 part-time employment opportunities with 100 enterprises providing job shadowing opportunities to 160 unemployed youth per month.

The proposal is financially sustainable, optimizes the unique historical, location, scenic views and social and recreational opportunities for the general public. OMEVTA intends mobilising the public to provide ideas of what the future eco village should look like and then approach local designers to articulate these ideas. This will ensure broader innovation, public participation and joint custodianship and true democratic open society principles to produce a people-centred, bottom-up development.

Prov. Gov. recently proposed a “mega” development surrounding the property but allocated a large portion of Oude Molen for a private medical park. The Tenants Association supports the development on land surrounding Oude Molen but is opposed to the development on Oude Molen as it; undermines the community’s proactive role over the past 17 years, is top-down, has not involved public participation, prevents micro-enterprises from being able to afford premises and a proposed excessive building footprint will destroy the unique ambiance, public urban park character and open space appeal that sets Oude Molen apart.

As joint custodians we have a responsibility to ensure future development on the property benefits as many local communities in the region as possible and believe elected leaders and Cape Town citizens will be extremely disappointed in years to come for not considering the proposal being promoted by OMEVTA and TRUP. We encourage you to join us in our efforts to make a difference by ensuring current and future generation will continue to enjoy and benefit from the Oude Molen property.

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