Youth Design Studio: Creating for Communities



A sustainable design class that will teach high school learners to design, create, & build a project that will benefit their community.
‘In a landscape stratified by historical divides, often we do not traverse far outside our comfort zones to interact with people or environments that are unfamiliar to us.’ So begins the conception of Julie Goodness’ and Katie Hawkes’ innovative project, the Youth Design Studio. 

In this project, the two decorated and experienced dreamers seek to bring together participants across a variety of categories (secondary school learners, university students, educators, local elected officials, and city staff), and throw them into a melting pot of engagement to create a practical, implementableproject revolving around design that will have a demonstrable benefit for a particular Cape Town community or neighbourhood. Considering the historical and cultural divides that carve Cape Town into its existing slices, it promises to be an interesting social experiment. 

Examples of similar “design projects” that have been implemented across the world include: community gardens, farmers markets, art or structures for public spaces, playground or schoolyard equipment,mobile theatres, libraries, and music spaces. Julie describes these moments as innovative ideas brought together by a design idea process, with people from different walks of life framing ideas and communicating them to each other. 

Using the concept of design to start dialogue, this project will offer a unique opportunity to facilitate connections across a variety ofusually-stratified categories: age, gender, race, class, culture, belief systems,experiential background, and work experience and skills. These offerings make it a perfect addition as a project for the 2014 World Design Capital in Cape Town
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