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LIVE DESIGN TOURS (LDT): Tours for conscious travellers, showcasing impact of design, local, cultural and culinary experiences.
To see Cape Town and surrounds through a design lens while having the time of your life, these customised tours are the ticket. As Rock City Foundation use the Live Design Tours to showcase a selection of some of the best Cape Town has to offer the world, they hope to turn a niche market into something more widely accessible. In combination with local, cultural and culinary experiences, these bespoke design tours will increase awareness and educate about the vital role of design as change maker, transformer, innovator and enabler.

Tapping into a rapidly growing tourism market, these tours showcase the role of design and how design highlights and transforms the world. Content will provide a much greater awareness of how we use design in SA to improve life and create change.

Project leader and founder Sune Stassen sees design as a necessity that addresses human needs, and showcasing how Cape Town does this will challenge misconceptions about the role of design as something exclusive and direct the focus rather on highlighting the urgency to develop alternative ways to use design as a positive force for change. The tours will also add to SA's "tourism menu" to attract new and existing markets and increase the number of visitors to the city. Target markets will include tourists, conscious travellers, design enthusiasts and change makers, academic sectors, schools and the general public.

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Rock City Foundation
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