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Cape Town Urban Beekeeping has potential to improve the lives, nutrition and income to many people.
Urban bee keeping is coming to Cape Town. It has potential to improve the lives, nutrition and income of many people in greater Cape Town. A growing number of urban residents keep indigenous cape honey bees, and this project will work with beekeepers to improve skills and strengthen the local honey brand.

Whether you live near the Newlands forest, in the CBD, or in Mannenberg, you can work with the Apis Mellifera Capensis (feral cape bee) to provide nutritious and valuable honey. Traditionally, high costs have kept bee keeping a luxury and hobby of the privileged. The aim of the Urban Bee Keeping Project is to extend benefits to historically disadvantaged people throughout greater Cape Town. This is done through skills transfer and AGRI SETA training in the practice of bee keeping as well as investment in equipment and business skills. Training consists of a one-year interactive course followed by at least three years of mentorship. South Africa is currently importing 2000 tons of honey per year when all the honey it needs could be produced locally, starting in Cape Town! The Urban Bee Keeping Project is a small step toward producing Cape Town's own local honey brand. The project will combine food security with entrepreneurship and even eco tourism for local and international visitors discovering the world unique Apis Mellifera Capensis. 

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