New Grassy Park Clinic



New Grassy Park Clinic replaces an old dilapidated building with a modern, light filled and landscaped with well planned accommodation.
A new Clinic replaces an old dilapidated building. It is a building of beauty that is modern, light filled and landscaped to give pleasure to it's users and the public, whilst providing an essential service. The new Grassy Park Clinic came into being after a briefing by the Department of Transport and Public Works, on behalf of the Department of Health, to replace the existing, run-down clinic with a new day care facility, providing primary health care services. The site was large enough to locate the new building at one end, while allowing the original clinic to continue to function during the construction of the new facility. The design intention was to create a bright, friendly, healing environment, taking into account the existing structure and it’s location. The new clinic has a public face on Victoria Road, gardens on the quieter street sides and peaceful secure internal landscaped courtyards around which the buildings circulation system works. Views through the building from the street connect the inside and outside. Entering from the busy Victoria Road side feels like coming into a peaceful green oasis. The building is designed in such a way that natural ventilation is maximised, while being supplemented by mechanical ventilation and extraction (to keep the germs out), and heating to keep the users warm whilst they wait. Windows are carefully located to bring in winter sun and shade summer sun, also allowing for cross ventilation in most of the rooms. The main waiting area is centrally located between two landscaped courtyards and is filled with light and fresh air. It has a high floating roof supported on steel tree-like columns, which echo the trees of the landscaped courtyards as well as trees that were added on the street to provide shade. The staff too, have their own private courtyard to relax in, when taking breaks. This is accessed off their staff room, which is provided with a small kitchenette. Amanda Katz Architects with Anesa + Barbosa Architects have collaborated to bring this vision into reality, resulting in the deputy health minister, on visiting the building, proclaiming that it is a space in which it would be difficult to feel ill. 
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Corner of Victoria Road and 1st Avenue,
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