Go Metro



GoMetro connects commuters and improves the transit experience with the help of 50% of CT commuters.
"GoMetro is a solution to the question of how we capture, curate and improve the transport information available to residents of Cape Town – in order to make more informed decisions on how we use public transport in the City. The importance of the design solution on everyday life is that GoMetro has become essential to the poor of Cape Town accessing economic and educational opportunities. The solution is a mobile app and service that is free to use, and captures, manages and presents transport information for the rail network in Cape Town. GoMetro will be launching an upgraded mobile platform in 2014, as part of the programme. The new app, built in honour of this global event, is called Cape Town on the Move, and will cater for all public transport modes in the City of Cape Town – not just Metrorail. The platform has commuter engagement and civic participation at its core – allowing commuters to post their own updates regarding the status of transport at their particular station or stop. This means that former gaps in a city’s information grid can be filled, curated and distributed by citizens themselves – using the Cape Town On The Move mobile app. The innovative thinking of this mobile tech startup has been recognized in South Africa. GoMetro was a winner of the Gauteng Innovation Competition in 2012, as well as a winner of the 2013 Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Award in the Emerging Business category. GoMetro was recently in the Top 12 of the World Bank VentureOut Mobile App Challenge, and is currently looking at opportunities to implement their mobile solution in cities around the world. Vodacom picked GoMetro as their 2013 Startup App of the Year for South Africa. "

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